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Technology used in our law services

Dynamism and Efficiency

Pellon & Associados makes it a point to keep up with the latest developments in the areas of infrastructure, security, systems, Intranet and Internet, with a large network of computers and servers interconnecting all sectors and offices.

In response to the great demand for information services, we developed many internal projects resulting in a modern, robust and secure system, which is controlled by an efficient team of IT specialists and guarantees uninterrupted services even in adverse conditions.


Online Products

For the clients’ utmost convenience, Pellon & Associados provides them with online access to the latest information about all their administrative and judicial cases, offering them the possibility of printing specific reports.
These reports can be tailored to provide information according to the “branch of Law” to which the process is related (civil, labor, tax, etc.), or to the specific “matter” involved. Such an advanced system allows clients to have constantly updated reports on the progress of their cases and other relevant questions for management analysis of legal liabilities. Information can also be obtained according to judicial districts, states, courts and kinds of suits. Combination between these fields and the previous parameters also enables our clients to identify specific themes or questions.

Since our system is adapted to the latest demands of independent auditing, clients can also receive information on amounts at stake in litigation and evaluation of the chances of success of each lawsuit, according to criteria of their choice. The system also provides information on administrative proceedings (searchable by contract, policy, loss claim), so that information can be found according to any of these parameters. All guarantees provided to third parties will be recorded and contained in the reports issued, in the format and frequency required by each client, on paper, digital media or by e-mail. Whenever possible, our information technology sector enables the data to be transferred directly to the client’s system, so that there is no need for retyping the same data.

Our system also allows tagging certain cases and occurrences in the processing of cases, allowing a special focus and more frequent updating on particular matters while bypassing those that are less important to clients; this practice is very useful in avoiding an overload of their systems with needless information. It also produces a “statistical report” that permits an overview of lawsuits in progress, mentioning numbers of cases, amounts involved and court instances/districts, facilitating management analysis. It also produces a financial report on the number of hours spent (time-sheet) on cases and all other information on each specific contract.


Research Support
Selected Jurisprudence - Juris

Juris is an application developed to control the entry and recovery of items from the database of judicial precedents, articles and selected legal opinions, from inside and outside the firm, which cover all our areas of practice. This database can be accessed at three levels, namely area, title and subtitle, and allows our lawyers to find court decisions in cases similar to those under examination, such material being likely to be electronically copied in the draft of the petition. It also allows our team to evaluate how a specific matter is interpreted by Brazilian courts. This application is also available online to our clients via our Internet site.



Pellon & Associados organized its library to meet any research need for information that cannot be obtained directly by the lawyers, by means of consulting the applications to which they have access through the local network.
The library’s database allows recovery of documents and extracts from books, book chapters, theses, reference works (dictionaries, codes, yearbooks and court publications), national and international periodicals, articles, legislation, legal opinions, videos and CD-ROMs. The search parameters of the library’s database – author, title, classification, subject (one or more at the same time), notes, publisher, type of support medium, among others – allow quick recovery and response to requests.





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