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Contato: Thiago Matos

Telefone: + 55 21 3824-7800 / 3212-6900
Fax: + 55 21 2240-6907

Our ombudsman carries out the task of receiving clients’ complaints, aiming at the solution of a problem which could not be resolved by the direct responsible for the case. Client can still approach our ombudsman to ask for special reports or for clarification as to whom his requirements must be addressed.

Ombudsman’s activities include a regular visit to client’s offices to listen to their criticisms and to receive suggestions to improve their relationship with our Office. At this opportunity, our Ombudsman will deliver reports and will discuss with the clients the results of the period. At each semester, clients will be required to fulfill a questionnaire, by means of which five relevant items concerning the quality of our activities will be examined under the client’s point of view. These items are:

- Performance

- Trust

- Personal relationship

- Communications

- Future expectations


The ombudsman’s commitment

The ombudsman’s commitment is to solve the problem or to promptly comply with the clients’ requests, taking the suitable administrative measures aiming at a quick satisfaction of their interests. He will also be expected to adopt an active behavior, approaching the client in order to receive information which allow us to improve the quality of our services and to increase the clients’ degree of satisfaction.




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