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Personalized legal solutions to protect and
defend our clients’ interests

The beginning of Pellon & Associados activities coincided with a backdrop of major transformations in Brazil. It was the start of the 1990s, when economic modernization and stability brought great challenges and the need of restructuring many companies. This new reality deeply affected the service sector, especially the practice of law, one of the key segments in the new economic order. The internal legal structures of companies were no longer able to respond to the several needs in a rapidly changing economy.

Such a scenario seemed to offer several opportunities, particularly in the branch of insurance, where specialization is strongly required. In view of this, we formed a team of professionals with specific knowledge in the area and made the necessary investments in technology and physical facilities for a modern Law Firm, so that we finally reached a respectable place in the market.

Nowadays, our position is consolidated as a reference in the insurance sector and, in an attempt to satisfy all our clients’ needs, we also extended our experience to the branches of telecommunications, public service concessions and public-private partnerships.

With offices located in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Vitória, Brasília and Recife, and correspondent lawyers in all other main Brazilian cities, Pellon & Associados offers personalized legal solutions to protect our clients’ interests.

A standout team with specialization in several areas of law

With a large experience in administrative and judicial proceedings, consultation, mediation and arbitration, and special emphasis on insurance and reinsurance law, Pellon & Associados also focuses its activities in the fields of telecommunications, highway concessions and labor and tax matters.

Over 100 lawyers distributed among our offices, as well as interns, paralegals and other professional staff, work with the latest technology, so that we are able to examine and respond to any request for information, reports and due diligence investigations. Our Ombudsman provides a closer integration with our clients, considerably increasing their level of satisfaction with the results obtained. The administrative, financial, information technology, accounting, human resources, billing, library, archive and other internal services allow our legal team to constantly improve the level of their work. Our internal auditing ensures that all areas of the office work as a harmonized team, making routines more efficient and productive.

This constant focus on excellence has made us a leader in our main practice areas and earned the respect and satisfaction of our clients.




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