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This sector is responsible for the oversight and control of client’s and firm’s rules, routines and administrative procedures, in order to harmonize them with the legal standards.

Internal auditing evaluates the performance of all the lawyers, internal personal, paralegals and other staff regarding the above mentioned aspects. It also aims at the reduction of bureaucratization of the firm’s technical standards, encouraging the creation and use of more agile and efficient routines, in order to improve the quality, productivity and disclosure of the services rendered.

The internal auditing comprise the following fields:

I – Auditing of lawsuits

II – Auditing of administrative proceedings

III – Auditing of systems

IV – Auditing of routines and manuals

V – Auditing of contracts

VI – Auditing of administrative flows

VII – Auditing of financial flows

The consolidated results of the audits are made available to the groups and individuals in charge of the various sectors and of the firm as a whole, so that they can take the necessary measures to comply with our quality standard.




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