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Pellon & Associados has a large experience in rendering services in consultancy and handling litigation related to domestic and international reinsurance. In association with foreign law offices, we can manage the settlement of claims and portfolios of lawsuits, as well as seek reimbursement in court or in arbitration proceedings, in Brazil and abroad.

Amongst our specific reinsurance services, we use to draft several kinds of contracts, such as individual and treaty reinsurance (proportional and non-proportional). The lawyers of Pellon & Associados have the expertise to identify the needs of insurers and reinsurers and to draft clauses in line with the latest contractual trends of the international and domestic reinsurance markets, aiming at balanced business relations.

One of the most delicate phases of reinsurance activity is the claim process. For this reason, we are prepared to follow-up the development of a claim since it is filed and to provide insureds, insurers and reinsurers with a technical and legal analysis about the aspects involved, in order to speed up the regulation.

Our team is also prepared to offer to clients all the assistance needed for prompt and satisfactory solution of conflicts between insurers and reinsurers in litigations, mediation and arbitration, in Brazil and abroad, in perfect accordance with the applicable law and jurisdiction.




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